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Item No. Description Category Price
RUS-0404A Large Adirondack Chair Adirondack Seating $372
RUS-0406A Adirondack Ottoman Adirondack Seating $112
RUS-2002 Chair & Rocker Cushion Cushions & Pads $29.95
RUS-2004 4’ Bench & Swing Cushion Cushions & Pads $59.95
RUS-2005 5’ Swing Cushion Cushions & Pads $69.95
RUS-OIL-QT Preserva-Wood (Qt) Finishes $15
RUS-0003 Dining Chair Log Dining $193
RUS-0003B Bar Height Chair Log Dining $270
RUS-0003C Captain's Dining Chair Log Dining $246
RUS-0004A High Back Armchair Log Dining $238
RUS-0013 48” Round Table (28” High) * Log Dining $352
RUS-0013A 48” Round Umbrella Table (28” High) * Log Dining $376
RUS-0013B 48” Round Umbrella Table (24” High) * Log Dining $376
RUS-0019A Small Straight Bench Log Dining $119
RUS-0020 Curved Bench (Sold in pairs) Log Dining $296
RUS-0020A Straight Bench (Sold in pairs) Log Dining $280
RUS-0020B 6’ Straight Bench Log Dining $209
RUS-0021 Log Picnic Table * Log Dining $610
RUS-0021B Classic Farmers Table* Log Dining $530
RUS-0021C Harvest Family Dining Table * Log Dining $599
RUS-0049 Rustic Sofa Table Log Dining $226
RUS-0051A Bar Stool 18" Log Dining $270
RUS-0051B Bar Stool 24" Log Dining $292
RUS-0051C Bar Stool 30" Log Dining $330
RUS-0130 Large Square Table (42”) * Log Dining $300
RUS-0135 Cottage Dining Table (37”) Log Dining $300
RUS-1109B 3 Piece Bistro Set 32" Log Dining $676
RUS-1113A Round Umbrella Table Group * Log Dining $796
RUS-1113B High Back Table Group* Log Dining $1074
RUS-1121C Harvest Family Dining Table Set* Log Dining $1504
RUS-1130 Square Dining Group * Log Dining $698
RUS-1135 Cottage Dining Group Log Dining $1012
RUS-0004 Low Back Armchair Log Seating $172
RUS-0004JR Junior Arm Chair Log Seating $124
RUS-0005 Low Back Rocking Chair Log Seating $256
RUS-0005A High Back Rocking Chair Log Seating $288
RUS-0005B High Back Double Rocker (Not Shown) Log Seating $408
RUS-0006 4’ Settee Bench Log Seating $268
RUS-0006B High Back 4ft Bench (Not Shown) Log Seating $336
RUS-0007 6’ Settee Bench * Log Seating $336
RUS-0009 Round Coffee Table Log Seating $151
RUS-0009B Bar Height Table 32" Log Seating $298
RUS-0009C Bar Height Table 42" Log Seating $357
RUS-0010 36” Round Coffee Table Log Seating $230
RUS-0048E Rustic Log Futon Frame Log Seating $638
RUS-007TT Rustic Tea Set Log Seating $408
RUS-0090 Square Coffee Table Log Seating $141
RUS-0090A Futon Coffee Table Log Seating $227
RUS-8200 Futon Mattress Log Seating $360
RUS-0026 4’ American Garden Swing with Stand Log Swings $450
RUS-0026S 4’ American Garden Swing Seat Log Swings $288
RUS-0027 5’ American Garden Swing with Stand Log Swings $550
RUS-0027S 5’ American Garden Swing Seat Log Swings $334

All Rustic Log Furniture is subject to the natural process of checking. Checking happens as wood releases moisture, and normally occurs across or through the annual growth rings. It is the result of the wood seasoning, checking does not affect the structural integrity of the wood, in fact, we think it adds to the rustic character of your furniture - every piece is different!

All of our Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture comes with a 5-year guarantee. Click for details.

Usually orders will arrive in about a week, but may take up to 3-4 weeks depending on availability. Because of their size and/or weight, items marked with a * must ship via common carrier, additional shipping fees may apply.

American Traders - CANADIAN TRIPPER

The Kevlar Canadian Tripper. Length 17'4" and weighing in at a mere 42lbs. E-fused epoxy Kevlar layup . This model takes it's elegant lines from the Atkinson Traveler and is the ultimate tripping canoe. Wood trim, contoured seats, and deep-dish yoke are all standard. Also available PROSPECTOR 15' & 16'6' Kevlar E-fusion models and the SPIRIT 16 Recreation canoe. We would like to get lots of these canoes out on the water, so please call for availability.