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We have all experienced being cold. No matter where you live, in the cold North or warmer South we know that with the right knowledge and the right clothing you can keep warm.

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The human body has an ingenious temperature gauge which constantly works at keeping the body at a comfortable level. When it is cold and windy we need to make sure that our clothes are suited to the weather and our activity level, so the body functions well. Our clothes will not provide heat, but they do allow us to retain the warmth we produce.

Woolpower is manufactured in Sweden, where they know a lot about cold weather  and most importantly, how best to dress to stay warm in these conditions.

Woolpower is made from Merino sheep wool; natures own technical material, the unique characteristics of which have not been bettered by any synthetic fiber yet. Woolpower is designed to be used in layers. The layers are made of different weight fabrics from 200-800 g/m2. This is an efficient way of dressing in a cold climate and provides a versatile and flexible system that not only protects against cold, wind and wetness, but is easy to ventilate or modify if you get too hot.

Next to Skin Layer 200

Layer 1. A heat insulating and moisture transporting base layer, worn next to the skin. Water conducts heat 25 times more efficiently than air, so to stay warm it is important that moisture is wicked away from the skin. Wool is superior to cotton and synthetic fibers.

200 Layer    Price: $ 80-115

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Mid Layer 400/600

Layer 2. A mid layer that adds extra insulation and thus retains body heat. The purpose of the second layer is to create an insulation layer of air. In cold weather or if activity levels are low, a thicker layer is needed. The more air in the clothes the better the insulation.

400/600 Layer    Price: $ 110-199

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Woolpower Flame Resistant

Mid layer garments that are made from a special blend to provide extra flame protection. Aramid fibers are added to the wool yarn, further augmenting the capacity to withstand heat and flames. These garments are CE marked and comply with EN351 European Standard for protection against heat and Flame. For use by Fire, Resue, Police and Military personel.

Fire Resistant    Price: $ 30-193

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Footwear (Socks & More Socks)

Your feet should be well ventilated so they will stay dry. Socks help build up a layer of air between the foot and shoe and woolpower socks will absorb and transport moisture away from the feet without loosing heat retaining ability. Socks can be layered for colder conditions.

Socks    Price: $ 13-37

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Accessories (Hats & Gloves)

Keep your Head & Hands warm. A hat or cap is important to keep your body warm. 50% of body heat is lost through the head at 14F more as the temperature gets colder. When the body cools less blood is sent to the extremities, so your hands and feet get cold, so wear a hat to keep your feet warm!

Hats & Gloves    Price: $ 24-40

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Discontinued Colors

Products (Socks to tops) in limited quantities that have been in inventory for a while and are now discontinued colors. This is all perfect stock, may not be in original packaging.

Discontinued    Price: $ 15-130

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Ultra thin Layer

A brand new material from Woolpower. Woolpower LITE fills the need for a thinner base layer. The material is very soft, smooth and stretchy and does not smell. Function and comfort is the garments primary focus and there are no more seams than absolutly necessary. Woolpower LITE is made from rib knit superfine Merino wool from Patagonia combined with 20% polyamide fiber to produce a stronger and more durable garment.

Woolpower Lite    Price: $ 46-80

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American Traders - CANADIAN TRIPPER

The Kevlar Canadian Tripper. Length 17'4" and weighing in at a mere 42lbs. E-fused epoxy Kevlar layup . This model takes it's elegant lines from the Atkinson Traveler and is the ultimate tripping canoe. Wood trim, contoured seats, and deep-dish yoke are all standard. Also available PROSPECTOR 15' & 16'6' Kevlar E-fusion models and the SPIRIT 16 Recreation canoe. We would like to get lots of these canoes out on the water, so please call for availability.