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The Legend's elegant lines and long decks are reminiscent of the classsic 'Old Town' Charles River model. The Legend is a graceful canoe with responsiveness and speed In it's lines. The canoe has a beautiful shape, close-spaced tapered ribs, good tumble home and slight rocker. The Legend's 20" long curved decks, outwales and trim are in AA. grade mahogany. This striking canoe, is steady in the water and crafted for the paddler who appreciates the fine lines of a well designed canoe, the Legend is ideal for tandem canoeing on rivers and flat water.

Half Ribs:

725 lbs.

Bow Depth:
Mid Depth:
Stern Depth:



Available with Red or White Cedar Planking

Extended Decks: $110

Wood/Canvas Construction: $625; 2-Tone Paint for Canvas: $300
Canvas Colors: Red, Raspberry, Green, Blue, Burgundy, Ivory, White, and Shellac.

Keels on Canvas Canoes: $125

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Wood/Epoxy - Base Price: $5290

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Shipping: Ships by Common Carrier. Shipping Prices are for the lower 48 States. We will advise prices for other locations. A $60 residential delivery fee has been added. We will not charge this if shipping to a Business.

For non-standard canvas paint colors, select Custom from the drop-down menu.

On Two-Tone canoes, Shellac is assumed for the bottom color, if a different color is required, select Custom and add a note about colors in the 'Ship to' instructions in the cart.


Model No: CRLE-16

For Canvas Models pick a color for your Canoe

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