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Broad Axe 1900, Left Angled handle

The Swedish Broad Axe is patterened on an historic design used for hewing, squaring logs and structural timbers for construction. The head is forged so there is sufficient space between the blades 'beard' and the handle for the users fingers. The angled axe has the eye and therfore direction of handle angled sideways to protect the knuckles when cutting. This left angled axe normally has a single bevel to the right #4812, but may be ordered with a double bevel #4811 and bevel to the left #4813. The axe has a 7" face and a 20" hickory handle, the head weighs 3 lb. Comes with a full-grain leather sheath.

Options: Includes 'The Axe Book'.  Sharpening Options: Double, Left or Right Bevels.
Size:    20" 7"  4.1lb
There are 6 different models of angled Broad Axe. They are normally a special order item, so please check with us to find out if the model you want is in stock

Item: XG481x   Price: $330  ea.

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American Traders - CANADIAN TRIPPER

The Kevlar Canadian Tripper. Length 17'4" and weighing in at a mere 42lbs. E-fused epoxy Kevlar layup . This model takes it's elegant lines from the Atkinson Traveler and is the ultimate tripping canoe. Wood trim, contoured seats, and deep-dish yoke are all standard. Also available PROSPECTOR 15' & 16'6' Kevlar E-fusion models and the SPIRIT 16 Recreation canoe. We would like to get lots of these canoes out on the water, so please call for availability.